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Digital signage displays are popping up everywhere these days, and the reason for this is an obvious one: there's simply no better way to attract the attention of potential customers.

From fast food restaurants to cinema lobbies, these bright, colorful screens can display show times, menus, or prices all at a glance, and in a way that invites and holds a customer's gaze.

Some are even interactive, letting the user navigate through options and information at whatever pace they feel comfortable.

What if there was a system that could do all of this, plus act as a validated lead generator for estate agencies?

Introducing Rezi Screenz...

Utilises Rezi API

Built using Rezi's powerful API, Rezi Screenz allows for a new level of customer engagement, one that can attract and validate leads even when the shop is closed.

Any estate agent can hang a few photos in their shop window, and some have begun using digital displays to run slideshows of their properties, but Rezi Screenz goes several steps beyond simply showing information.

List 1 Validated Lead Generator

The first step in generating a validated lead is the remote control feature. When the system is running and the display is placed in a shop window, for example, potential customers on the street can take control of the display via a unique single use code at the top of the screen.

Once this code is texted to their mobile phone, they will be able to scroll through options and information on properties within the agency's database using their phone as a remote control and see the results on the screen. By accepting the term and conditions to use the Rezi Screenz system, the agency will have a valid phone number for a potential lead, even if the user enters a fake name when activating the remote control function.
Secondly, Rezi Screenz allows the estate agency to take full advantage of the scope of their portfolio.

Utilising several displays, an agency could show lettings on one screen, sales on a second, and high quality homes on a third, all running from the same database and using the Rezi API. This means that all of the information collected will be contained in one place and consolidated for use with the rest of Rezi's features.

Frictionless Features

One such feature is the availability of the Google Maps API to guide people directly to the property being displayed. Directions could be fed instantly to their mobile phone using the location of the screen as a starting point, providing a quick and easy way for them to take a stroll and view a listing.

Rezi was designed from the ground up to facilitate this kind of frictionless transition from potential customer to validated lead, and with its ability to integrate with virtually any third party API, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

In addition to displaying information on the agency's screen, Rezi Screenz could also use the customer's mobile device to play video walkthroughs, slideshows, or any other media, complete with sound. This can all be done without the need for complex hardware or external speakers, providing customers a unique and engaging experience rather than simply showing them some information on a screen.

Conversation 1 Customer Information

This level of interaction automatically provides Rezi Screenz with research on what potential customers are most interested in. Everything they do on the system can be examined later to find out the type of properties they searched most, what locations they were interested in seeing, and even price ranges.

All of this information can be gathered quickly and easily almost without the user noticing. They simply swipe and tap on the information they need, and Rezi Screenz does the rest, providing the estate agency with a wealth of data on what these validated leads are looking for.


Rezi Screenz not only allows for custom layouts, designs, etc., but can also be used to display HTML advert pages in between each of the properties, for example. The agency can then direct these to any webpage they like, giving the customer even more options or information.

When the session is over, the user can even choose to receive a custom brochure containing additional information on the properties they saw and Rezi will automatically send it to the email address they provide, giving the agency yet another way of contacting them.


When the user is finished, they simply tap the power button and Rezi Screenz resets for the next potential lead. If they simply walk away, the system will time them out and save whatever information was already gathered. Because a valid phone number is required to use Rezi Screenz, it is protected against any type of tampering.

If anyone tried to abuse the system, for example, their phone number and any action they took on the system would be automatically recorded by the computer and easily reported.

In Love 1 Ease of Use

Because Rezi Screenz is built on the Rezi API, it is designed to run as smoothly as possible, handling most tasks automatically. There's no need to waste hours creating materials and slideshows to display. Simply choose the types of properties to be shown, for example, and the Rezi API will pull all matching properties from the agency's database automatically. The information gathered during each session with a user can be stored and integrated into the Rezi database, providing the agency with a single view of a customer that they can then track from initial meeting all the way through closing.

Rezi Screenz is a lead generating tool unlike any other.

Simple yet powerful.

Intuitive and easy to operate, it can work around the clock, attracting new customers and providing estate agencies with a wealth of information, all while giving the user a seamless and engaging experience they've never seen before.


*COMPATIBILITY - Windows 10 required

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