Withdrawn Property Checker

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Why is the service of interest?

Offering assurance for our agents, this service will guard against lost revenue from properties that are sold after being withdrawn by a vendor.

Subscribing to this service will protect against unseen property transactions and alert you to opportunities to recoup rightfully owed fees. At a cost of only £30 per month, the withdrawal checker would prove a wise investment if it found only a single instance in a ten year period

The UK average house price is currently sitting at around £215000, with the average agent fee anywhere between 1% and 4%. This means that a property sold after being withdrawn from your agency could be losing you between £2150 and £8600 in revenue.

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How does it work?

By subscribing to the service, Dezrez will provide a monthly report of any properties that have been withdrawn from your agency and have gone on to be sold within the next 6 months.


How is it done?

Dezrez access the Land Registry data records to monitor property ownership changes. By linking this to the data held within Dezrez Software we are able to identify properties where unpaid fees could be outstanding.


What are the next steps?

This service is still in its infancy and is currently being rolled out on a trial basis. Please select the "Tell Me More" link at the top of the page to register your interest and the DezrezEnhance team will be in touch with further information.



Annual Subscription

Should an agent wish to commit to an annual subscription for the first 12 months, they will recieve a discount and a report for all properties withdrawn over the last 12 months. This option is not available for agents on a pay monthly plan. Once the 12 month period has elapsed, the agent will automatically transfer to a pay monthly plan.


Cancellation Period

With only 30 days cancellation notice required on the pay monthly plan, this service can be disabled at any time.

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