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Make your agency irresistible... provide a unique multi-channel marketing solution for contemporary property professionals, merging traditional working practises with the latest developments in digital innovation. provide everything you need rolled into one easy-to-use platform, giving you the tools you need to grow your business, increase your instructions, raise your revenue, stay competitive, and become the leading property expert within your area.

Our seamless integration process with the Dezrez system will enable you to take full advantage of your entire database. Segment your contacts with ease by using our dynamic filtering tools and send highly targeted digital and print campaigns that return optimum results.

With a standard package giving you access to innovative features that enable you to create and send intelligent emails, newsletters, direct mail, automated triggers, surveys, SMS, letters, and review in-depth analytical reports, you'll have the ability to always stay connected with your clients and prospects, keep them informed with relevant content, increase your instructions, generate repeat business, and truly understand consumer behaviour.

Effectively communicate what's unique about your agency - make it a truely irresistible proposition with BriefYourMarket,.com


Discover how you can improve your canvassing and dominate your local area.

Discover how you can convert more prospects and increase revenue from every customer.

Discover how you can win more instructions from your archive database.

Discover how you can stand out as the #1 agent in your area and offer more than your competitors.

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