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Partner Spotlight

Length: 13mins
Recorded: 07/06/17
Presented by:
Megan Jones - New Business Manager
Sally Rowland - Product Manager

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Your own Moneypenny Receptionist free for 2 weeks

Gain a key insight into the times your branch needs support. Find out more about the profile of your missed calls – are they valuable or not? Test having calls handled with around the clock cover.
With no charges and instant set-up, you could be briefing your Moneypenny Receptionist


How it works

Our service is simple. Your team in the branch answers telephone calls whenever they can. And when they’re particularly busy, or when staffing levels are low, your calls are routed seamlessly to your Moneypenny Receptionist. Fully briefed by you they answer overflow calls just as if based in your branch, sending detailed messages back to your team or even putting urgent calls through to mobiles or direct lines.


Capture every opportunity

Moneypenny knows the value of missed calls to estate agents, and will ensure that no calls go unanswered. You will capture every valuation opportunity, every viewing request and every enquiry.


Extend your opening hours

Capture market appraisals and viewing requests around the clock. Increasing your virtual opening hours will provide support for your weekend staff and give you a competitive edge.


Deliver outstanding service

Have a knowledgeable team member, based in our office not yours, on hand whenever you need. There’s no need to maintain a high number of branch staff to deliver outstanding service.


Other key products

  • Live Chat – Convert 30% more visitors to your website: we provide you with the very best people and technology to handle some or all of your chats.
  • Call reports – Understand who’s calling you, and when. Nightly and weekly reports sent directly to your branch allow you to track conversions, ROI, and manage internal staffing more effectively.




How Do I Start Using This Service?

If you would like to know more about this service, simply click the "Tell Me More" button at the top of this page, fill out the short form and a representative will be in touch to talk you though the process.

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