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We've thought of every way to save you time
Referencing providers talk a lot about service, different approach, or even turning the industry on it's head. Then their clients end up describing them as "fine", "not bad" or "better than the last company we used".

Van Mildert goes further. We take steps every day to ensure service and efficiency are a reality for our customers. 

Working in partnership with dezrez, we have enabled you to order references from within the software, without having to type anything onto our ordering form. It literally takes 2 to 3 seconds.

Then when you want to know what's going on with it, one more click (no logging in required) and the tracking page comes up within your existing software.

There is no easier or quicker way to order and track tenant references than via our integrated referencing services.  

How do I get my free trial?

Simply click the Free Trial Tenant Referencing button on the property status page and the Van Mildert team will give you a call to get setup. It couldn't be simpler.

Just two clicks to order a full tenant reference:
  • No typing required!
  • Quick and efficient processing!
  • No paper forms required!
  • Meaningful final report!
  • No faxing required!
  • Fantastic case tracking!

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Fantastic Case Tracking

Fantastic tenant referencing case tracing

Detailed notes, updated in real time, let you know exactly what we're doing with each case.

You can see which of our staff is handling the job, what has and hasn't been done yet, what's been said on the phone and what we're planning to do in the next day or two to wrap the job up. You'll always be in the know.

Clear Final Reports

Clear tenant referencing final reports

A manually typed final report with a detailed, common-sense description of the applicant's situation. We won't provide you with cryptic reports or miss details out - you'll have all the information laid out in plain English.

All the useful facts about affordability, credit data, address verification etc are easy to understand and thoughtfully presented.

Multi-Branch Features

Multi-Branch tenant referencing features

If you're a multi-branch agency we have a vast suite of features just for you.

Branches can order references to be managed by a head office, staff can assign jobs to themselves or others, multiple accounts can be managed by a head account which can approve/cancel individual references, and view all office's invoices.


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